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Work with Me

Homeopathy treatment is like going on a journey:
you end up somewhere different from where you started, taking in some new experiences on the way

Are you unhappy with the current state of your health?

Is the status quo no longer an option for you?

Are you curious about how your health could be different?

Do you have a desire to take more control of your wellness?

Would you like support to bring your uniqueness to the surface?

Whether you’d like to:

  • work individually with me on your health issues,
  • learn how to use key homeopathic remedies to support everyday wellbeing
  • explore a different perspective on wellness
  • refine your unique therapeutic offering

There’s a way to work with me to help you move forward!

These are my treatment packages to help you achieve the change you desire, so you don’t feel tempted to give up before you’ve reached where you want to be.

Bespoke Homeopathy Consultations

Are you frustrated with your current state of health?

Do you feel unhappy with your current treatment options?

Do you feel stuck in a rut?

Working with me one-to-one gives us the opportunity to explore what’s going on in your life and make positive, bespoke changes to support you moving forwards.

Bespoke Homeopathy Consultations
Workshops & Courses

Courses & Kits

Would you like a more natural approach to dealing with day to day health issues?

Are you curious to learn a systematic approach to help you feel better faster?

Would you like clear guidance, portable kits and great handouts?

Whether you’d like to dip your toe in the water with an ‘out and about’ kit or you’d like a more comprehensive course to help you get the most from your Helios Basic 18 kit, there’s options to support you here.

ALCHEMY: UNIQUELY YOU practice development group

Are you an experienced practitioner wanting to blend your unique talents and skills into your very own therapy?

Are you feeling limited by the techniques and methods you learnt when you trained?

The ALCHEMY: UNIQUELY YOU Practice Development Group  is where, as an experienced therapist and trainer, I can facilitate you developing your very own style.

Embodied Practice Development Group
Retail Training

Retail Training

​Do you stock a range of homeopathic remedies or would you like to?

Would knowing your remedies give you a market edge over your competition?

If you’d like training in basic homeopathic methods and the remedies you stock from a qualified teacher and homeopath then find out more about what I can offer.


Do you host a group interested in thinking outside the box?

Would you like a light-hearted speaker who educates through anecdotes and common sense examples?

I have keynote talks to offer, so why not look at the synopses and see what appeals to you.


Book a Clarity Call

If you like the look of what’s here but there are things you’re not sure about then why not book a clarity call with me and I’d be delighted to talk through your questions! There’s no charge and absolutely no obligation to pursue anything further.