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“Symptoms are your body’s way of talking”

Retail Training

Are you struggling to meet customer demands for natural approaches to healthcare?

Do you have homeopathic remedies barely earning their shelf space?

Would you like to stand out from the crowd with the support you offer?

​I know what it’s like trying to sell something people have been conditioned to be suspicious of, something the media often say has been ‘proved’ not to work because it ‘can’t possibly work’.

I also know how grateful the vast majority of my clients are to have tried homeopathy and found something which eases their symptoms in a way nothing else does.

Selling over the counter homeopathic remedies requires experience and confidence in the product, and that’s what my training gives.  It goes beyond teaching about the remedies and offers staff the supported experience of selecting and using the remedies which match their own acute symptoms.

Retail Training

I can offer you:

  • An experienced teacher, lecturer and homeopath to train your staff;
  • Bespoke training matched to using the specific homeopathic remedies you stock;
  • Opportunities for staff to experience homeopathic support for acute symptoms so they can sell with confidence;
  • Easy reference materials for staff and customer support

Contact me to discuss your specific requirement, get a feel for what my support would look like.

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