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Free yourself …
& experience wellness differently

Imagine a world in which health – ours, the natural world’s and the planet’s – is centre stage:


  • Respect for our environment is encouraged – our internal environment AND our external environment;
  • Everything we do is to maintain and improve our natural sense of balance: mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally;
  • We accept it’s our responsibility to make the decisions which maintain our wellness, this natural balance in ourselves.

This world isn’t the one we live in – society has other ideas about how we spend our time and our money.

But there is this other way, another perspective, and I’d love to explore it with you!

You CAN choose:

  • to take responsibility for your health
  • to manage your symptoms with homeopathy
  • to improve the quality of your life
  • to move towards your dream life

and I’d love to support you on your personal journey.

By changing your perspective you can change your life for the better – the world can catch up later!

I’m travelling this path myself

  • it broadens perspectives
  • it opens doorways
  • it unlocks potential

Don’t listen to what you’re told, listen to your body which wants to be well.

Our society will tell you it’s not possible, but it’s set up to look at things in one particular way.  There’s always another perspective!

I’m Dorothy Watt, transformational homeopath and holistic wellness advocate.  I support people who feel stuck with chronic physical or mental issues to take control of their health so they can go on to lead the rewarding, energised lives they desire and ultimately fulfil their potential.

To me, you’re so much more than a label or a syndrome; you’re a person with a story, and that story has made you the person you are today. You’re a product of your ancestry, your upbringing, your environment and your life choices. All these parts need taking into account because without any one of these you wouldn’t be the person you are. And that’s why I think it’s so important to look at health, or wellness, from a holistic point of view.

My homeopathic training has built on my natural intuition and given me an incisive understanding of what symptoms are all about. I know how to listen to what your body’s saying and help you move forward.

I work with people who are ready to take responsibility for their health, who are ready to make their own choices. I’m here to interpret, teach, train and support you as you embark on your journey.

Ways to Work with Me on Your Wellness

Bespoke Homeopathy Consultations

Bespoke Homeopathy Consultations

I work with individuals and families by providing homeopathic support and a personalised action plan to relieve symptoms and develop momentum for change.

Workshops & Courses

Courses & Kits

I teach you to think like a homeopath so you have the confidence to prescribe selected homeopathic remedies for yourself and your family to relieve everyday discomfort and symptoms.



I put people back into science to provide a broader perspective on health, embracing the connection between mind and body and reinterpreting conclusions drawn by the Western scientific paradigm.

Retail Training

Retail Training

Training for pharmacists and health store workers to raise confidence in advising customers on homeopathic remedy purchase. Bespoke training matched to the range of remedies stocked.

Dorothy Watt

Everything in Nature strives to stay in balance, and that includes us

Embodied Practice Development Group

ALCHEMY: Uniquely You Holistic practitioner development group

Join a small, motivated group of holistic therapists to each gain the confidence to blend and launch your own unique offering from your diverse skills and talents.

What my clients say

“Dorothy gave me so much help in various ways, ranging from her prescribed treatment plan, which was rapidly effective and still is, to her excellent listening skills.

I believe she is a true empath.

Dorothy is a compassionate, perceptive and non-judgmental person, with a gentle sense of humour. I felt really supported. I believe these are essential keys to her success as a homeopath.

I have recommended her to others and continue to do so.”

Valerie, Aylesbury

I have used homeopathy for years and have always wanted to understand it in a little more depth.
Dorothy’s Very Useful Guide to Homeopathy At Home was the perfect online course for an amateur homeopath sleuth.

The amount of first aid information I learnt from Dorothy was huge. I’ve created a display book folder using Dorothy’s brilliant visual notes which included easy to establish symptom charts for each ailment. Being coloured coded it makes it easy to work out the different profiles of symptoms. Just generally on first aid, Dorothy demystified the common ailments and I felt much more educated about using remedies on my family and friends even the dog to treat common non urgent complaints. From bruising, sprained ankle, sore throats, stress, anxiety, sunburn and all sorts of other similar symptoms.

I’d recommend Dorothy and her online course to anyone keen to learn more about homeopathy and have a more confident first aid knowledge under their belt.

Caroline Smith-Wright, Tring

Dorothy is SO thorough. All bases were covered and she asked questions about things I never realised could be the cause of my problems. Easy to get along with, friendly, caring and compassionate.

Faye Janes

The intuitive wisdom and guidance you impart is done in a very objective way, allowing me to carve my own path and realise my own truth. I am seen and heard fully.

All my symptoms have improved in ways I never thought possible, homeopathy has become a way of life for me and my family now. The journey has only just begun!


Dorothy seemed to have an innate understanding of me almost from our first appointment & I was continually reassured & amazed at how accurately she assessed my physical & emotional needs from week to week & month to month.


Would you like to act on what your body says?

Working with me will encourage and enable you to look at health and wellness from a different perspective, with the possibility of a different prognosis and a more energised life. If you’re ready to

  • view your own health issues from a different perspective
  • take responsibility for your own health
  • commit time and resources to improving your own wellness
  • work towards the reduction of your discomfort
  • embrace the possibility of a balanced life without pain

Now’s  the time for you to schedule your free, no obligation CLARITY call