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“Bodies want to be well not in pain”


Do you organise talks for a group?

Are you looking for someone who’s going to say something different?

Do your audience like to think outside the box?

For a thought-provoking speaker, look no further.

I have several keynote talks which I’d be delighted to deliver to your open-minded and curious audience, either in person or on-line.  The underlying theme behind everything I deliver is: THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE.

The Miracle Tree

What makes you sick can also make you better.

The story of how I was first introduced to homeopathy and how it turned my health around.

The tree outside my bedroom window which was causing recurrent sinus infections was also the source of the homeopathic remedy which put an end to the suffering.

An introduction to the notion that ‘like cures like’



The Tale of Alan and his Sister's Cat

The allergy which appeared and disappeared.

The story of Alan’s allergy, which appeared out of the blue and was his body’s way of saying he needed to sort out his relationship with his sister.

After Alan had a course of homeopathy he and his sister were able to clear the air between them and the allergy disappeared.

An introduction to the notion that our physical health is linked to our emotional health.


Together and Divided on Cup Final Day

How John came home from the match with more than he bargained for.

The story of John and his best friend’s journey on a crowded train to the cup final.

They’d always been friends and always supported different teams. They sat opposite someone with a streaming cold, both expected to come down with one a few days later, much to their annoyance. John’s team lost, he came down with the streaming cold and his friend didn’t.

An introduction to the notion that our emotions can affect how susceptible we are to infection.