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Caroline Smith-Wright

I have used homeopathy for years and have always wanted to understand it in a little more depth. Dorothy’s Very Useful Guide to Homeopathy At Home was the perfect online course for an amateur homeopath sleuth.  The amount of first aid information I learnt from Dorothy was huge. I’ve created a display book folder using Dorothy’s brilliant visual notes which included easy to establish symptom charts for each ailment. Being coloured coded it makes it easy to work out the different profiles of symptoms. Just generally on first aid, Dorothy demystified the common ailments and I felt much more educated about using remedies on my family and friends even the dog to treat common non urgent complaints. From bruising, sprained ankle, sore throats, stress, anxiety, sunburn and all sorts of other similar symptoms. I’d recommend Dorothy and her online course to anyone keen to learn more about homeopathy and have a more confident first aid knowledge under their belt.

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May 17, 2022