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When I offered a free webinar for anyone interested to find out more about homeopathy I didn’t anticipate being the one doing the learning! Here’s what happened.

I was zoom bombed! Who even knew there was such a thing!

I’d set it up as a public event on Eventbrite: I WANTED it to be found and accessible to everyone. And people I didn’t know signed up! I was very excited to have found a way of being of service to people.

All was going well: I was in my flow…. Then something unexpected happened:  out of the corner of my eye I noticed someone in my zoom waiting room. I was expecting someone else so, in mid-sentence, I clicked to admit them and carried on speaking.

But instead of quietly listening, this zoom late-comer unmuted himself and started talking. I didn’t listen, my reflex was to continue talking and re-mute him. But he immediately unmuted himself and carried on! So, back and forth this went, me muting him, him unmuting himself, me muting him…until it percolated through that this was deliberate disruption. How dare he! So I worked out how to eject him, and I carried on, apologising for the disruption.

I was pretty shaken and indignant later – you’ll be pleased to know I gave myself some acute remedies – arnica (for shock) and causticum (for indignation) – how dare he!

But the real lesson I learnt – apart from the location of the eject button and the importance of familiarising myself with zoom protocols – was this:

My message about homeopathy is SO important that someone bothered to disrupt it.

Will I be quiet? No.

Will I do what I can to safeguard myself and my audience? Yes.

So, thank you for the disruption, whoever you are, you’ve galvanised me!

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Introducing the author, Dorothy Watt

I’m a transformational homeopath and holistic wellness advocate with a busy online homeopathic practice based in Oxford, UK. I work with individuals who are stuck with chronic symptoms, supporting them to release their symptoms, get out of their rut and move forwards with life! I’m passionate about increasing awareness of homeopathy and encouraging people to incorporate self-help homeopathy into their routines.  Please contact me if you’re interested in exploring how I can help you. 07434 690496 / www.dorothywatt.com