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Our world is full of patterns: For as long as humans have lived on Earth they’ve been noticing patterns: looking at where and when the sun rises; how the length of the day changes; what happens when day turns into night; what the best conditions are for growing seeds; what the best conditions are for keeping livestock, etc etc. colds start with clear mucus then it thickens and turns yellow; if you eat food which has gone ‘off’ you’re very likely to have stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhoea. These are all well-established patterns which have been investigated by scientists and if you look up any of these you’ll be able to find out how and why each of these things happens.

Did you know that noticing patterns is where scientific research starts? When scientists are intrigued by a pattern they want to be able to explain why it happens. That’s when they start taking careful measurements, trying to keep everything the same while they deliberately and carefully change the one thing they’re measuring. Scientists always have their own ‘educated guess’ about what they think will happen, and the experiment is their way of checking to see whether they’re right or not, whether what they think will happen actually does.

There are lots more patterns around which science can’t explain: Have you come across Ella Woodward, the person behind Deliciously Ella? She developed a lot of very disabling symptoms: problems with her heart, her blood pressure, her joints and strange food allergies.  She’s been diagnosed with postural tachycardia syndrome, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Mast Cell Activation syndrome but having these labels didn’t give Western medicine any tools to help her feel better, and she’s managing her own symptoms through diet.

Coincidentally, last week I was talking with someone who was baffling the medical profession with a seemingly random collection of things wrong with her. Would you believe it, she and Ella had exactly the same patterns of symptoms! And I’m sure they’re not alone.  When Western medicine has noticed this pattern but can’t explain it they name the cluster of symptoms a (something) syndrome.  And when 3 syndromes might be linked together…. It’s a long way from being understood in scientific terms.

So, why am I telling you this?  Because patterns are the basis for homeopathic diagnosis too! In fact, over 200 years of carefully observing patterns of symptoms and noticing what happens to these symptoms when you take a particular remedy. If I look in my Materia Medica, the big red book which lists the personality of each remedy, then I can find a whole description from head to toe, inside to out including emotions and personality traits which have consistently been shown to be linked together.

So, if you have a perplexing set of symptoms which GPs and consultants don’t recognise, or for which there’s no treatment, there’s a choice: you can wait for science to catch up and explain what’s wrong with you, or you can try describing your symptoms to a homeopath. It’s extremely likely there will be remedies to match your symptoms. Just because science doesn’t know how something works doesn’t mean it doesn’t work – it just means scientists aren’t yet able to explain it.


Dorothy is a transformational homeopath and holistic wellness advocate based in Oxford, UK, working mainly online with 121 clients. She is passionate about teaching self-help homeopathy skills and runs regular workshops. You can contact her via dorothywatt.com or 07434 690496