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Would you like to use natural first aid remedies but you don’t know what to buy?

Have you picked up the Arnica cream in the supermarket but then wondered what’s the best way of using it?

When my children were young, that was me too! I wanted to use homeopathy to support them with their everyday acute conditions – teething, colds, coughs, tummy bugs, bumps and bruises, ear aches etc.  I was lucky back then:  I wasn’t a homeopath but I could go into any pharmacy on the high street including the major chemist chain, ask for advice and choose from a wide selection of homeopathic remedies.  I could also go to the local book shop, find the shelf labelled ‘homeopathy’ and choose a book to teach me how to select the most appropriate remedy; and homeopathy was still available on the UK National Health Service(NHS)!

Twenty years later and times have changed. Homeopathy isn’t available on the NHS; book shops don’t stock self-help homeopathy books; and Arnica is the only remedy which is widely available in shops. There are very few retail outlets stocking a wider range of homeopathic remedies, and some homeopathic pharmacies have even stopped producing their retail range of creams and pillules.

How can interested people get started with self-help homeopathy these days?

Clearly there’s a lot of information and advice online but there can be a lot of sifting to find which remedies match your symptoms and to ensure that source is reliable.

Then you have to find your online supplier for the products you’re interested in and prices can be very variable.

So, in one way there’s more choice now, and in another there’s not many good ways to narrow down your search.

That’s why I decided to make the process a bit easier and shortcut a lot of online research: I produced a FREE RESOURCE to give people an easy way in.  It’s called 4 homeopathic must-haves for your kitchen cupboard, and you can download using the link in the comments below.

What homeopathic self-help products wouldn’t I want to be without?

When I had the idea I figured taking the very first step was the hardest one, so I thought about what I’ve always got handy in my own home, the key products which, for me, have consistently shown amazing results and I wouldn’t want to be without. And that’s what the 4 homeopathic must-haves for your kitchen cupboard are: the 4 products I always have available and my family use regularly.

And where can you get these products? As recently as last year the one of the main UK health store chains sold all the products in their shops but not any more…. So I’ve included some reliable website addresses for online purchase.

And, to make sure you know the best way to use these products, I’ve included my tried and tested instructions for getting the fastest results for acute conditions from your homeopathic remedies.  The guidance I share is not what you’d expect, particularly if you’re used to using over-the-counter painkillers or anti-histamines.

If you’re ready to start your journey with self-help homeopathy, or you’d like to know my 4 essential homeopathic products, you can download your copy of my free resource using the link below.

I’m dying to know how you get on with it, and which of the products you find most useful. Do get in touch and let me know!