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We all have times when we’re feeling stressed and it’s hard to fall asleep. Here are some suggestions for short-term help when frustration is setting in.

How to help your brain switch off so you can get to sleep

It’s hard to leave your day behind and get to sleep sometimes, especially if you’re feeling stressed. Whether it’s revising for exams, planning to go on holiday or worrying about someone close to you, there are likely to be times when it’s hard to switch off. And, as long as it’s a short-term problem with a clear cause, you can use self-help homeopathy to help you get to sleep.

There are no short cuts, though, no magic pill which will let you cheat yourself of the wind down time you really need before bed, the regular night time routine which helps your body know it’s soon going to be time for sleep. Unfortunately when you’re stressed these routines can often be compromised.

Helpful sleep routines

So, let’s have a quick recap of good sleep hygiene, the positive routines which are widely promoted (eg. by The Sleep Council ) to aid restful sleep:

  • Have a comfortable bed in a dark room
  • Have regular times for going to sleep and waking up, even at weekends.
  • Incorporate moderate exercise and a healthy diet into your daily routine
  • Let your body wind down for an hour before bed: avoid screens, alcohol, food, caffeine, vigorous exercise and work during this time;

Stress changes our perspectives

These pointers all seem sensible, don’t they? But when you’re stressed these can stop seeming sensible and START FEELING VERY UNREASONABLE!

  • I’ve got to finish this practise exam question or I won’t be able to pass the exam
  • I need to go online to check our flight’s been confirmed, we might need to change our plans
  • I need to keep my phone on in case they contact me in the middle of the night
  • Scrolling through social media’s how I wind down, it’s relaxing, I need to keep up with what my friends are doing

Reducing anxiety becomes a priority

So to aid sleep in these scenarios, the anxiety around “what will happen if…?” needs to be reduced. By doing that, the healthier sleep habits can kick in, and you’ll have the best chance of sleeping. Why not try a homeopathic Stress Relief combination remedy? It will contain several remedies with a reputation for supporting people who are stressed, so it’s an easier choice than trying to identify one specific remedy to try.

Soothing anxiety around getting to sleep

If falling asleep is still really an issue, there’s now an anxiety around the sleep process itself, and some soothing remedies to support the nervous system should make a difference. Why not try a homeopathic Sleep combination remedy? It will contain several calming remedies which, incorporated into a good wind-down routine, would make all the difference to how easily your night’s sleep begins.

These tips are intended to support short-term sleep problems. Anyone who has a very ingrained difficulty with falling asleep would be likely to find a consultation with a professional homeopath more productive. An in-depth look at how long the problem has been going on and the issues surrounding it would lead to an individualised prescription for remedies to support your individual issues.

So, if your brain’s whirring and you need more sleep, why not try homeopathy?


About Dorothy
I’m an educator and homeopath with a background in teaching and science, living and working near London. I enjoy working with both individuals and families, and I’m passionate about empowering you to make decisions about your own health.

This information is provided for educational purposes only, it is not a replacement for a consultation with a healthcare professional. It is your responsibility to seek professional advice for all serious injuries or illnesses.