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This blog uses the idea of a golf ball to help visualise the changes which might follow taking a homeopathic remedy.

Here’s a way of understanding the idea behind using homeopathic remedies

Have you ever wondered how homeopathy works? You’re not alone! Homeopathy works for millions of people around the world, but it’s very difficult to explain how it works, and no-one’s absolutely sure, which doesn’t help. Has it got something to do with a golf ball? Well, read on to find out!

I’d like you to imagine that a golf ball’s a bit like the human body. Imagine it’s full of energy, as we are, and look at all the dips on the surface. Just imagine each of these dips represents one of our little weaknesses, because we all do have bits of us which work better than other bits, don’t we? We can think of these weaknesses as where our body’s energy has a dip, where it’s not as strong or able to fight off infections.

These weaknesses are different for each of us: some people’s colds always go to their sinuses, other people’s to their chests; some people get every tummy bug that’s going round; others are always getting athlete’s foot or verrucas etc etc, and by now you’re probably thinking about where your body’s weak spots are! These dips are very handy for collecting any germs which are floating around, so it’s very easy to get infections where we have a weakness – and that’s the main way we know we’ve got a weakness isn’t it? The weakness represents the bit(s) of us that are often ill.

Let’s have a look at what happens to the infection in the dip when it’s treated according to 2 different approaches: conventional, Western medicine and an energy-based medicine such as homeopathy. The conventional medicine uses antibiotics to clear out the germs, leaving us feeling better but actually being weaker inside as the friendly bacteria in our guts will have been affected by the antibiotics too. And we still have the same sized dip left, so next time we’re near germs we’re susceptible to we’ll get another similar infection, or possibly a worse one as our immunity’s taken a knock from the antibiotics.

With homeopathy, on the other hand, we choose a remedy which will treat the exact symptoms of the infection. What you get with a well chosen remedy is a dose of energy which matches the energy which the dip needs, the energy our body’s low in. So the way I think of it is the energy from the remedy pushes up the dip, pushes away the germs and we feel better. Not only do we feel better but our body’s stronger and the energy dip is shallower, so next time we’re near germs we’re susceptible to we’re likely to get a milder infection, or one which has a shorter duration, or maybe we won’t get an infection at all. And the more of the remedy we have, the stronger the body’s energy will get and the less pronounced our weakness will be.

So what do you think? Has the golf ball given you a way of thinking about homeopathy which is useful? It certainly helps many of my clients make sense of their homeopathic journey towards greater balance and wellbeing. If it’s got you excited about using homeopathy to address some of your own energy dips then why not book a free discovery call to find out more about working with me.