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A tale of a sometimes upset stomach

I’ve recently adopted a cat! What’s that got to do with this blog you might think. Well, I’ve had an unfamiliar living creature to observe minutely, and I’ve noticed some very interesting things about her toileting in her litter tray. I was told she had a sensitive stomach and could only eat certain dry food, so in all the time I’ve had her she’s only eaten 1 brand of food, and out of the same big packet. So why have her poos sometimes been significantly different from other times? It must have been something she ate… Except she’s always eaten the same food, and because she’s being kept indoors at the moment I know she hasn’t been eating anything else.

So WHY, when her poos are usually solid, darkish brown and not unpleasantly smelly, was yesterday’s poo runny, paler brown and horribly smelly? Was she ill? It didn’t seem so, she was eating, drinking and behaving as usual, and today’s poo was back to usual.

Here’s what I think.

Typocally we eat food and it gets digested as it travells through our gut. Only when our body has finished getting all the goodness it needs from our food is the undigested bit got rid of as poo. So there’s a time delay of typically up to 24 hours (may be more, may be less) when this digestion is happening. Could there be a clue here which might explain the smelly, runny poo? Let’s just have a look at what happened to Kitty while she was digesting her food. She’s had a lovely quiet time getting used to her new home, but that day, the day before THE poo, strangers had come to the house and one had been quite determined to stroke Kitty, which didn’t go down at all well! Kitty batted the offending hand away and ran off.