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This post guides people towards appropriate homeopathic remedies to support feelings of anxiety and fear during a health crisis or pandemic

How to find homeopathic calm amidst the viral health storm

Unprecedented times. A virus has spread rapidly around the world leaving mayhem in its wake. Not only did it spread fast but we knew all about its progress, getting blow by blow accounts from wherever it struck: never before have we known so much in real time! And isn’t it stressful, having all that information and just waiting for the same thing to happen where we live?

Homeopathically, what can we do to mitigate against this fear and stress? I’ve highlighted 4 of the many tried and trusted remedies which have a reputation for supporting symptoms of health anxiety:

Aconite : for people who are prone to panic attacks and have a great fear of imminent death;

Arg nit : for the headless chicken state: rushing around, sure everything will go wrong including getting ill;

Arsenicum : for people who feel very paranoid and suspicious about being infected by others but who fear being on their own, and for those who get really worried about dying, either themselves or someone in their family;

Gelsemium : for those who are rather stunned and shell-shocked by the turn of events; difficulty thinking about anything, and feeling physically sluggish;

It goes without saying that we’ll follow all current guidelines, but these very guidelines can induce a fearful mindset. So what else can we do to control our feelings of panic?

Wear gloves or a face mask if it makes you feel safe . Regardless of whether research shows it’s a useful protector. If you feel safe your susceptibility is likely to be lowered. The research considers only whether the mask is an effective barrier not the psychological function it could serve;
Enjoy the excuse of solitary me-time and take pleasure in doing simple things . Now’s a great time to get outside and go for a walk, or do some gardening if you can; have a bath; get lost in a book or some music;
Enjoy virtual company . If the thought of being alone fills you with horror build up your virtual network of contacts and do online chats, coffees, exercise classes etc.
Limit exposure to the news. That may mean turning off your twitter feed, not looking at the newspapers at the checkout, being very disciplined when you Google etc.
Keep ourselves well nourished and rested. We all tend to be sleep-deprived, so now could be a good time to catch up as most of us have gained extra time through not commuting to work. And how about using some of that extra time for cooking too?
I’m sure we all know someone who hates being alone and it’s very important we support this group to keep up their spirits and thus their immunity. Homeopathically, I’ve picked out 4 remedies which have a reputation for offering support to those people who really crave company and feel very much worse when they’re alone:

Arsenicum : very clingy and desperate, afraid of being left alone yet may not be very pleasant company;

Lycopodium: lack confidence about being able to cope alone and may come over as being rather bossy, especially in the late afternoon or early evening.

Phosphorus: effervescent and bubbly enjoying the attention of being in the company of others, but often a real fear of being alone in the dark.

Pulsatilla : often fearful of being abandoned, especially in the evening and at night.

I’m sure we all know someone who seems very anxious but none of these remedies feels quite right. Sometimes it can be hard to decide, particularly as I present you extreme characteristics in order to make it easier to tell the remedies apart. In my homeopathic practice I’ve successfully given Arsenicum to clients just because their physical symptoms are worse whenever they’re on their own, with no obvious paranoia or clinginess. Given the current state of affairs in many parts of the Western world, not just the UK:

social distancing measures being ramped up
lock-down becoming a reality
panic buying from supermarkets
relentless commentary from media
the collective mood seems to me reflective of Arsenicum : if in doubt try that.

Our lives are being influenced as never before. We have to abide by the restrictions but we can choose to find some positive calm amidst the chaos. Popping a carefully chosen homeopathic pill when things get on top of us can add much-needed support.