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This post explores how homeopathy explains cystitis symptoms differently from Western medicine and suggests a radically different approach to alleviating symptoms

Your symptoms from a different perspective

Have you ever had a bout of ill-health which came out of nowhere, took you unawares, and which was very stubborn and resistant to getting better? Something which you went to the GP about and which you got the impression had them flummoxed with its stubbornness? I have, and I can look back on it now with fresh eyes and see why it was so problematic at the time. Let me tell you my story. A few years ago I went through a very uncomfortable, protracted phase of cystitis. I seemed to get one infection after another, and no amount of antibiotics seemed to get to the bottom of it.

During one of many visits, my GP described to me the correct procedure for wiping my bottom after I’d done a poo. I was rather quizzical: this was a recent problem; I’d changed nothing in my bathroom hygiene and couldn’t understand how this information was going to help me. If I were using a faulty wiping technique, surely I’d ALWAYS have had a cystitis problem!

And then I realised she was at the end of her tether. I kept on returning for the same issue: I had one infection after another and, according to what she’d been taught, the germs which were causing the infections must have got there somehow; she was giving me antibiotics to clear the germs so if the infection kept coming back so must the germs be, and I must be the guilty party. Because antibiotics kill germs the problem must have been ME, doing something wrong.

I can remember feeling humiliated, and I guess the GP couldn’t have found it an easy conversation either, but she had nothing else to offer me. And it did make me more reluctant to return – not because I was better but because I didn’t want another lecture – so it did the job in a way, but it didn’t make me better.

Instead I went to a homeopath who asked me what had recently changed in my life. I’d started a new job with a boss who liked to keep us on our toes by giving us urgent tasks with no notice. How frustrating! I can still remember gritting my teeth before getting on with something I could easily have been given a week’s notice for.

From where my homeopath was standing he could see me stuck in a situation which was making me feel irritated, angry and disrespected. He wasn’t at all surprised the symptoms kept coming back, because those feelings weren’t changing, and I was out of balance – in a state of dis-ease. From this perspective addressing my irritation would have a greater chance of knocking the cystitis on the head than addressing the germs, and that is indeed what happened.

So was it the germs which caused my symptoms, as the GP was telling me, giving me an explanation which at first seemed plausible but which didn’t hold muster when symptoms kept coming back? Or was my seething, suppressed anger making my body more susceptible to germs which might normally be around without causing ill effect? After all E. coli , the major culprit for cystitis, is a normal part of our gut flora so is highly likely to spend lots of time near our bladders! Different perspectives linked to different treatment options and quite possibly leading to different outcomes for the patient.

If this has got you thinking about some stubborn symptoms of your own why not book a free discovery call with me and we can begin to explore how homeopathy might have a positive impact on your life, supporting you towards fulfilling your potential. And, if you’d like to know more about homeopathic remedies for a painful, inflamed bladder, read my sister blog, ‘4 remedies to ease a painful bladder’.

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