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A look at some of the reasons which have led people to seeking homeopathic treatment for the first time.

An exploration of what makes people choose homeopathic treatment

I was very lucky: my first encounter with homeopathy was through my GP who suggested it as an alternative to antibiotics for the recurrent chronic sinusitis from which I was suffering. It was handed to me on a plate, no internet searching for alternatives, a simple choice for me to make at my time of need. Most people don’t have GPs who are also homeopaths, so what makes someone choose to see a homeopath privately? I’ve thought about clients who’ve been to see me recently, and these are the profiles I’ve unearthed.

“My child’s only 9 and taking so many drugs every day already, I don’t want them to be doing this for the rest of their life”

“My baby’s only a few months old and has just been prescribed a steroid cream, I really don’t want to use it on her”

“I’ve tried to get a diagnosis for my symptoms, I’ve been sent from pillar to post but no-one seems to be able to help”

“I keep getting bad throats and tonsils every couple of months all through the winter, year after year. The GP gives the same drugs every time, I get better but then get it again. I’ve had enough, there must be a way out of this.”

“Every specialist I see gives me a different drug and my symptoms are getting so bad now I think the drugs are part of the problem. I just want to be well.”

“I’ve developed really strange symptoms and the doctors have prescribed drugs which have lots of side effects and risks, even though they say they don’t think my condition’s serious.”

To summarise these statements I think it’s fair to say these people are saying:




They can be.

They don’t have to.

There is.

I’m not saying there isn’t a place for Western medicine, there is, it’s second to none for acute emergencies, and some people find it works very well for the management of long-term health issues. That’s fine. Those aren’t the people who need this information.

For those people who are looking for another way, homeopathy might be what they’re looking for. It can give very rapid relief from acute symptoms eg indigestion, hayfever, colds, bruises, aches and pains. And these people might then notice they’re feeling better emotionally as well as physically, because homeopathic remedies work holistically, addressing emotions as well as physical symptoms. Often these people find they’re feeling better than they’ve felt for a long time – lighter, more balanced. And, after a period of treatment, they might find they don’t need the acute remedies to manage their symptoms, those symptoms just aren’t there any more because they’ve been able to process some of the emotions they’ve been hanging onto.

The process they’ve been through has involved:

1.Stabilising the physical body so organs which are working a little below par can be supported;

2.Addressing the physical symptoms which are causing discomfort;

3.Addressing the emotions which are linked to the symptoms;

4.Enabling the whole body to come more into balance.

So if you’re one of those people who has long-term health issues which are causing you a lot of discomfort; if you’re one of those people who’d like to find a different approach to the management of your pain; if you’re struggling with a myriad of drugs and still experiencing little relief then why not try homeopathy?


Medication must not be withdrawn without the permission of the person who originally prescribed it