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This post compares how our body’s defences against illness work when pharmaceutical products are taken to suppress symptoms, and when homeopathy is used to support the body to heal.

How to make best use of your body’s natural defences

When I was a child the standard treatment for chicken pox was bed rest for 2 weeks. 2 weeks! And someone could easily be off school for a week with a nasty cold. Were we sicker then? I doubt it. Was the pace of life different? Quite probably. In those days there was no internet, no mobile phones, no instant access to anything! The other side of the world was a far-off place, and if something happened there it was a while before we heard about it, let alone had photographic evidence of it. Nothing happened instantly, and no-one expected it to, so when we were sick we rested until we were better. Now, as the pace of life has speeded up exponentially and the technological and pharmaceutical industries have become part of everyday life, we expect to be well in a flash too: we’ve forgotten how to be sick! When the slightest thing goes wrong we reach for the aspirin, the paracetamol, or the lemsip max because we don’t want to feel ill, we want to carry on with what we’re doing. All that’s quite understandable – no-one ever WANTS to feel ill, but it’s actually very important that we do.

Did you know our bodies are designed very cleverly to help us fight disease? When we get a raised temperature, that’s our body fighting the early stages of an infection! The runny nose is likewise helping to flush out the offending germs so they get less of a toe-hold, or don’t get a toe-hold at all. So, if we take something to lower our fever we’re actually squashing down our body’s natural defence system, the way it’s designed to fight germs and keep us healthy; If we take something eg anti-histamine to stop that runny nose, we’re blocking another defence system. So, while lowering our temperature or stopping our runny nose may make us feel a bit better, inside our body’s becoming sicker.. What we’re doing by burying our symptoms is saying, “OK, I’m going to roll over! Germs take me over!”

So, is there another way to minimise the discomfort we feel when we’re not well? Yes, there is! Homeopathy provides an alternative approach which honours the body’s natural systems for keeping us well and works with the body to support it as it heals itself. In order to utilise homeopathic support we have to stop and observe our symptoms in order to find the remedy that has been shown by repeated use over two hundred years to provide support when the body has that particular set of symptoms. And because there are so many different colds, and different people can catch the same cold yet present with different symptoms, there are many homeopathic remedies which can support cold relief.

This homeopathic approach to healing a cold is the exact opposite of the one utilising pharmaceutical products. Rather than the body being at the mercy of the germs, its natural defence mechanisms seem to be strengthened so what happens next will depend on our body. Either the symptoms just go away and we literally don’t have a cold anymore because our body has been supported to dispose of the germs, or we rapidly fast-forward through a cold, much faster than we would normally have done, as our body is supported to forcibly evict the germs. So: we listen to our symptoms, and our symptoms will be different for different people; and we give a remedy which matches those particular symptoms, and we watch, we repeat, and we carry on watching, changing the remedy if the symptoms change dramatically.

If this blog has got you thinking about how homeopathy might work, have a look at my How does homeopathy work? – YouTube which gives a really useful analogy to help with your thinking.

About Dorothy

Dorothy has a degree in science and psychology from Cambridge University. This grounding in Western science left her wondering where people’s individuality could fit within the rigidly controlled system so she stepped away from the narrow confines of science in more holistic directions. After training as a primary school teacher at Oxford Polytechnic (now Oxford Brookes University) she had a career in teaching, before gaining an international reputation for research in the field of science education, being awarded a Masters degree from Liverpool University and a PhD from Warwick University. She had a long career training primary school teachers, culminating in a role at the University of London Institute of Education.

10 years ago Dorothy qualified as a homeopath under Ellen Kramer at the College of Practical Homeopathy, having experienced the wonders of homeopathy herself and used self-help homeopathy extensively with her family. She was one of the first UK homeopaths to be trained by trail-blazer Natasha Campbell McBride in the links between gut bacteria and mental health, and she has been working with the microbiome for 8-9 years, long before it was fashionable. She subsequently trained in homeopathic detox methods with leading homeopath Kim Kalina. She specialises in working with open-minded women who are struggling with digestive problems.

Dorothy is passionate about empowering people in self-help homeopathy skills and has published several online courses and communicates widely through her popular blog and youtube channel.